Rest in Peace ‘Gampa’ Greg

We just found out that Sophia lost her Grampa Greg today; as did her many cousins, my step siblings lost their father, my siblings and I lost our step dad, many lost a friend and mentor and my Mom lost her best friend.

This is a sad day, yet we are celebrating his life and his loving heart. I will forever be grateful for this man and his charity, patience and love of our Family and how he always accepted us all for who we are.

Rest in Peace Greg and I am sure you will be back as soon as you can. You became part of the Family and came into our lives on Valentine’s Day, and now have left on the same day 24 years later. Now you are free from an ill body, travel well and though we know we will see you again, we will miss you.

We love you and this picture is how you will be remembered by us.


‘Gampa’ Greg with Sophia and our dog Missy