Cross Country… oh no.

I am so proud of Sophia, for her bravery and strength today as I know how hard this day was.

She went from rocking with her hands on her ears (from the noise and movement) to running the cross country and completing the race.

This was the state of her when I arrived. I took the photo for her assessment then quickly took her out of the crowd and we stood to the side. I had asked the school to be sure she was not overwhelmed, but as you see, no one was too worried about how she was doing. Because there were no adult near the children the noise was so loud, they were all talking and as you can imagine trying to talk over eachother, even I had a hard time with the noise level.

This is pre-diagnosis, and shows why it is important to get that paper with the lables! Without it, you are viewed as just an overprotective parent and they are viewed as spoiled or odd and expected to just ‘buck up’. (What a stupid saying, she is not a male deer…)

11 Sept 13 Race 1.jpg

Sophia is in the orange sleeves in the middle cupping her ears with her hands and rocking.

She was so stiff and had a hard time moving her limbs, I had to pull her up and carry her off. After I took her off to the side and let her bury her face under my sweater, I could feel the tension slowly leave her body. I just rubbed her back until I felt her relax. Then she turned around and started to watch and be involved. She just needed help regulating as she was completely overwhelmed and on the verge of a meltdown.

She wanted to participate so I walked around with her and just stood within eyeshot at all times so she could use me as a focal point. It worked really well and she did really well.

We slowly moved closer to the crowd and I sat with her and found a couple friends of hers to sit with us once the grades could mix. Isabelle is a lovely girl and she was so sweet and was telling her, “You are alright Sophia, you can do it.”

Afterwards, we had a picnic lunch with her friends and then headed home. I had surprised her and brought sushi from her favourite place.

She was proud to finish and was rewarded by Max who gave her one of his candy bars he had won today. He is such a sweetheart.

Devin told her he was proud of her and to think of it as coming in first from the other end. 😉 That really made her giggle.

Mummy made her her own medal from what we had lying around. It was a bit rough but she squealed with joy and flapped like crazy upon receiving it.


Our homemade medal

Our Family rocks! She can’t wait to tell Daddy about her big day.