Meeting George

I think George fell in love with Sophia today.

Devin took a shine to Wee-Man and Max likes Murphy.

These little guys will be at our wedding. 

Yay!!! Ponies!!!!!

(Devin 10, Max 7, Sophia 4, – Wee Man 5, Murphy 3, George 1ish)



Hayley Sellers, Max & Sophia & George the pony



Hayley Sellers & Devin with the ponies, Murphy and Wee Man



Me: Sophia are you sure you want to watch Bambi?

Sophia: “Yes, Mom, it’s ok that the mom dies, Mom. Everybody dies Mom, aye? They just come back again in a different body.”

Me: Oh, ok as long as you are good with it.

Sophia: “Yes, Mom, I know what’s up… so can I watch it?”