“I wanna skate!”

Sophia has always had an affinity with rocks and gemstones.

Everytime we go for a walk she manages to find a gemstone, I swear she has gnomes placing them for her because we find them in the strangest of places.

We went to my friend Kathy’s to check out all of the giant quartz on her property, she has such amazing land with a very charged atmosphere.

She let Sophia and I pick some quartz to take home and it was so amazing feeling how charged they are.

We aren’t able to stay too long, because we are sensitive to the energies, but it sure feels nice for a short visit.



My friend Kathy’s land in California is full of these gorgeous quartz rocks.


She also has 3 white faced deer that show up every time we visit, they wouldn’t let me take a photo though.

Before we left we checked out all the orbs in her son Casey’s house and Sophia spotted the skateboard. She recognized it because her cousins ride.

“I wanna skate!” she says, with a lollipop in one hand and Lamby in the other.

My Darling Angel has no fear.

How cool is this picture?

This was just before her third birthday, I love it!!

What a great day with great people.



Sophia age 2, attempting to ride Casey’s skateboard in Northern California